About Us
Marriage From Heaven is a ministry with a mission to help you experience heaven in your marriage.  
About Marriage from Heaven

“There are two types of marriages –a Marriage from Heaven or a Marriage from Hell,” say marriage and relationship coaches – Drs. Uyi & Faith Abraham.

The first few years of their own marriage were unhealthy, tumultuous and almost ended in a break up.

Today, thirteen years in with the help of God and by applying the principles that they now teach, they were able to save their marriage.

They are on a crusade to save marriages and relationships!

Drawing from research, personal wealth of information and experiences gained from their private Christian marriage and relationship coaching/counseling practice they are helping couples WIN by giving them the secrets to a strong, healthy and passionate marriage.
The Founders

Drs. Uyi & Faith Abraham are certified Marriage and Relationship coaches, entrepreneurs and pastors. They serve at Elevate Church and are the founders of Higher Place Christian University. ​They have written numerous bestselling books including No Time To Settle and She Rules. They reside in Atlanta with their three children. See their other  products and resources.
About Marriage from Heaven Book

Have the secrets in your hand to a strong, healthy and passionate marriage. After helping thousands of singles and married people in the last 13 years, Drs. Uyi & Faith Abraham wrote this best selling book to help couples win in their relationship!

"We wrote this 205 page book in a way that is completely different from many books out there on the subject of marriage. We wrote this book with the intent that you will read it over 40 days with your spouse or significant other. Each day there is a topic related to the main secret you are studying. This book is broken into 40 days (chapters). Each day starts with a bible verse that teaches a truth from that chapter and at the bottom you'll have Discusion questions for you and your partner." Drs. Uyi & Faith Abraham 


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Your financial gift will go directly to helping individual, couples and families with tools, resources and counseling/coaching that they need to keep themselves and families together.